Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Looking for something to do? Look no further!

It is beginning to warm up, and the fun times of spring and summer are right upon us. Did you know that one of the best programs in the Sacramento Area is right in your neighborhood?

Come check out the Sacramento Delta Youth Maritime Association (www.youthmaritime.com) or check out our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SSSNeptune. We teach trade based skills in a great afterschool program- and have fun doing so!

Come join us Tuesday nights at 1501 S River Rd, West Sacramento!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

High School Service Learning- aka "Community Service"

Many of today's high schools require service learning as part of high school requirements. Why not make service projects fun and interesting?

Service learning is about two basic elements: Helping your community and expanding your horizons. SDYMA is an example of a great service learning project within the Sacramento/ West Sacramento/ Yolo area that provides a great avenue that young adults will gravitate to.

Call today at 916-775-3732 and begin fulfilling your credits- and maybe the program will fulfill you as well!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home in West Sacramento

The New Neptune is at its new home in West Sacramento at the former Cemex cement plant in West Sacramento after 46+ hours of cumulative cruise time from Morro Bay. The ship is now being prepared to haul out of the water in late October.During this time, the old mast and gunite walls from the former fish hold will be removed and the preparations will begin to formally start the restoration process of a Gulf shrimper to a usable youth training boat.

Additionally, the crew has been working hard to clear the landing after years of non-use. This required removing a lot of debris, improving security and fire safety, and the installation of a power system that involved 300' of new electrical cable, repairs to the overhead conduit, and a series of transformers that stepped down from 12kv to 240v 200 amp service.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The New Neptune Comes Home!

After a culmination of many man hours, and three months of hard work, the Saint Joseph made the trek out of Morro Bay at 0630 hours on July 15, 2010 with the Chaser following.

Comprised of a crew of 11 adults, featuring Neptune crew, alumni, volunteers, and crew from other ships, the new "Neptune" had an extraordinary crew to take her home.

But every offshore voyage is bound to have its adventures. About 1.5 hours into the cruise, the mechanical PTO pump on the front of the engine would not completely disengage. The collective decision was made to shut the engine down, pull the pump off, and make a quick patch and continue steaming up the coast.

After successfully removing the pump, it was noticed that the momentary starter switch on the main engine never disengaged and fried the starter on the main engine. To give us time to solve the situation, and to give the engineering team some much needed time to get some rack time, we rigged a tow line between us and the Chaser to make some way up the coast.


We were able to get another starter in place and get the main fired back up, but due to the sea conditions- 8'-12' swells, we determined to keep plugging up the coast on the tow line, and assist by powering up the Saint Joseph and making better speed up the coast toward Monterey. We also had a few friends follow us up the coast.


Don't worry- he's faking...
Due to fatigue and seasickness from both crews and sea conditions, we stayed in tow throughout the night, and 28 hours from the departure time, the friendly sight of the Golden Gate bridge was in view.

We passed under the Golden Gate at 1030 hrs on July 16. After cruising to Anchorage 4 where the tow line could be safely retrieved, the Chaser and the Saint Joseph separated as the Neptune Crew headed north and the Chaser made way to San Francisco.

After making a quick stop at Mare Island to drop off a couple of passengers, the ship made its way up into the Sacramento Delta past the mothball fleet, and the legendary USS Iowa.

We cruised her up through the Delta the crew had a huge sigh of relief after reaching the Rio Vista bridge and getting our first opening. We continued going up through the Sacramento River and getting some photo ops from former Neptune crew member, Leo Sumbatoff.

We had many cars stop and wave, and received many looks for a seemingly out of place commercial trawler in the Delta. In fact as one boater looked up, former Boatswain George Logan said, "Seen any shrimp around here?"

After 36 and a half hours of cruising non-stop, at 1900 hours, the crew landed up at their new temporary home in Isleton, CA, thanks to Neptune supporter, Bill Ramos, and Ramos Oil as they allowed us to use their fueling dock.

It was a great trip and the start of many, many more! Keep posted for more news!

Friday, July 9, 2010

T Minus 6 days and Counting!

A veritable army of crew and volunteers (19 in total) descended upon the new Neptune last weekend in Morro Bay for the final work party to prepare the boat for the voyage home. Last weekend's events culminated the final push of effort to prepare the boat for the voyage up the coast. In just three short months, the officers and crew have done a huge amount of work in a very short time. Some of the items include:

  • Safety Modifications, including a new hold ladder, safety rails, and repairs to the existing stern railing, nightime safety lights installed..
  • New 12v/120v/24 electrical panels and wiring.
  • Conversion of the 32v system to 24v, including new running lights, starters, batteries, and chargers
  • Two radars and VHF Radios installed.
  • New throttle and shift linkages.
  • Declutter the entire boat and 12 bunks installed.
  • Made the boat liveable for the officers and crew
  • Two stage fuel filtering system with full servicing on the engines. Fuel crossovers and 1200 gal of fuel onboard.
  • Rust removal and painting to new "Neptune" colors.
There was a lot more that was completed too, but in a few short months, this crew did a remarkable job. She's making her way up the coast on July 15 to a port near you!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Making a Difference in our Community

Yesterday afternoon, members of the Neptune crew worked hard over at Sacramento Marina on K-Dock to beautify the marina by scrubbing rubrail throughout that section of dock and really made a significant improvement. Armed with scrub brushes and simple green, the Neptune crew led by Mrs. Ulshoeffer, was committed to making a positive difference in the boating community on Sunday and was rewarded by a surprise cruise on the Buccaneer by Skipper and Mr. J.

Marina manager Bud Camper commented, "Please thank your crew for helping us make the Marina a better place."

Many Thanks Neptune Crew!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Lt. Dan sighting; Updates from Morro Bay

Is that Lt. Dan on the mast of the Jenny? Nope, it is merely our XO Jeremy Pease up on the top of the mast rigging up some new navigation lights. After a very breezy weekend (Gale Force winds all weekend long), the crew started tackling some of the final items on the list, including the replacement of the venerable hydraulic lines to a Morse cable system. Additional work included the installation of a 220v shore power system and building of new bunks in the "crew hold."  We also transferred 1200 gallons of diesel fuel aboard, with 1000 of them coming as a donation from Ramos Oil in West Sacramento. With our measurements, we have an additional 8500 gallons to go before we are 'full."

We also found some more things to add to the list like a leaky hydraulic system around the rudder ram and some additional repairs will be needed to the engine room ladder, but it was another fun and productive weekend. The crew spent some of its "off hours" watching YouTube videos and having fun. Sunday morning led to the invention of Neptune "banan-cakes." Stay tuned for more updates- we will be back again next weekend!